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A big telecommunications merger could have an impact on the satellite TV business

09 марта 2006

AT&T and BellSouth announced plans to merge operations through a blockbuster $67 billion deal. The DBS impact: EchoStar's DISH Network is sold by AT&T, formerly known as SBC; and DirecTV is bundled with BellSouth service.

Because of the weekend (and maybe also because it's way too early to actually gauge the impact of the deal), the companies had no comment.

In its fourth quarter reporting, BellSouth said 523,000 of its customers have added DirecTV service to their BellSouth Answers bundle since 2004. In September, SBC/AT&T and EchoStar extended their strategic agreement to continue marketing the co-branded SBC/DISH Network satellite TV service. And midway through 2005 SBC's DISH Network subscriber base was at about the 400,000 mark.

The merger also has implications for the entire pay-TV business, and details on that are available, including the first wave of opposition, at today's edition of Telco Media News:

Source: Telco Media News


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