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NEC introduces a new workstation to the entry-level market segment

28 декабря 2006
The NEC WA1310 has been designed specifically to deliver a cost-conscious but highly scaleable platform required by users ranging from corporate designers and freelance publishers though to engineers and architects.

The NEC WA1310 will be able to find its place in any environment within small and medium sized businesses through to Corporations and Original Equipment Manufacturers looking to make effective and affordable investments in the latest workstation technology without compromising performance against value. The NEC WA1310 can also specifically address financial application & service markets, where high performance multi-screen support is a strong requirement: the WA1310 can host up to 5 DVI Ports in a standard configuration.

The NEC WA1310 integrates all the latest technology that is needed for truly cost-effective professional workstation performance. The NEC WA1310 can also be preloaded as standard with either Microsoft Windows XP Professional 32-bit or x64 operating systems, and supports a wide range of processor, memory, and storage options. Finally the onboard PCI-Express x16 extension slot enables the NEC WA1310 to accommodate the latest in terms of performance video cards.

With the ever growing importance and complexity of application data, the NEC WA1310 integrates advanced features securing data assets and ensuring the user’s peace of mind. For data security, the NEC WA1310 integrates advanced onboard RAID functionality that can be activated to give continued data availability withstanding hard disk failures. For optimal data performance, the NEC WA1310 can be configured with the latest Western Digital Raptor high performance SATA HDD technology, giving also a better price / performance trade off than equivalent higher priced SAS HDD technologies.

NEC WA1310 Targeted Application Areas:
  • Corporate Content Creation
  • Financial Services & Multi-Screen Applications
  • 2D Desktop, Web & Electronic Publishing
  • Non-Linear Video Editing
  • Architectural, Engineering & Construction
  • Mechanical Computer Aided Design (MCAD)

NEC WA130 Technical Highlights
  • Supporting either SCSI or SATA hard disk configurations
  • Integrating RAID 0, 1 and 5 support for efficient data security
  • Supporting the latest AMD Athlon 64 and DualCore Processors
  • Managing up to 4GB of Fast DDR2-533/667 SDRAM
  • Supporting the latest NVIDIA Quadro Graphics Cards with up to 256MB Dedicated GDDR3 Memory
  • Supporting up to 5 DVI ports in a standard configuration

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