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Group: Technology - Not Gov

05 февраля 2007
A couple years ago a group of individuals and organizations started promoting the use of parental controls and supporting those who prefer individual control of TV content as opposed to increased government regulation. TV Watch - now representing more than 4 million American viewers - has now gone on the offensive in a battle with Washington activists trying to get lawmakers to regulate the images being shown on TV across the country.

TV Watch says that television has come a long way with today's audiences using broadband, DVRs, VOD, iPods and cell phones to expand and enhance their TV experience. These new technologies mean consumers have more selection than ever, and maybe more importantly, more control over what they see on TV.

"Activists in Washington who continue their push for increased government regulation of television content refuse to accept the advances in technology that allow parents to enforce the decisions they make about what their children should see on television," said Jim Dyke, TV Watch executive director. "They don't want Americans to know that parents have the tools to make informed decisions - and to enforce those decisions - because it would make their approach obsolete."

According to the group, 180 million television sets have been sold with a built in V-chip since 2000, 86 percent of TV households get TV from cable and satellite providers that include parental control options and nearly eight percent of US homes use a DVR – a number expected to grow to 39 percent by 2010.

In addition to existing tools like TV ratings, the v-chip, cable and satellite blocking programs, new tools are available to parents as well, the organization said. In March 2006, TiVo announced a new search feature that helps parents find kid-friendly programs.

"Ninety-one percent of parents say they personally take some steps to manage what their children see on TV," TV Watch said. "If a program is on it's because someone searched for it, found it and selected it."


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