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VoIP System Successfully Tested on iDirect iNFINITI VSAT

27 августа 2007
The DTECH WHISPER VoIP System from DTECH LABS has been successfully tested on the iDirect iNFINITI VSAT broadband platform. This will provide end users of the iDirect line of satellite hubs and remotes as much as a 600 percent increase in VoIP call capacity over a single, remote, iDirect satellite link. Plus, the amount of bandwidth required to support standard VoIP traffic will be reduced by more than 30 percent.

As most are already aware, VoIP traffic can stress the resources of a satellite link rather quickly. This system is powered by VX Software from Network Equipment Technologies and delivers greater network efficiency through packet consolidation, header compression and call consolidation. A 1.5 Mbps iDirect satellite link can support more than 150 simultaneous VoIP calls. A 3 Mbps remote link can support more than 250 simultaneous VoIP calls. Network operators can use the same space segment they currently lease to provide a more robust voice network and greater data traffic capacity.

iDirect designs, develops and markets satellite-based broadband access solutions for enterprise, government, carrier and educational sectors who require fast, flexible and geographically dispersed two-way internet/intranet access. DTECH LABS is a provider of Secure Mobile Communications Systems and Intelligent VoIP solutions to military, government, first responder and service provider organizations.


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