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Questions on the IKS # 11 Cover Story. Satellite navigation, LBS, digital maps

27 августа 2007
Story Announcement:

According to IK Finam, size of the world market of satellite positioning services is US$3.2-3.5 billion. According to the official evaluation, Russia accounts only for US$5 million. The positioning services in cellular networks do not exceed 1% in the total revenues from content services.

The field situation is studies by: CEOs of the parent organisation responsible for implementation of FTSP Global navigation system, top-managers of the 'Big Three', service and content providers, analysts, lawyers … And also consumers: transport companies, first aid services, banks and collection organisations, trading houses, insurance companies, delivery services, auto rental companies, private security firms, Ministry of Emergencies, intelligence services, mining industry, private users. Technologies: cellular and satellite communication, optical sensors, trunking, navigation systems.
Market position, key problems and methods of their solution, service promotion mechanism, perspectives and needs of economy for positioning services will be covered in iKS No. 11.
Host of the issues – Irina Bogoroditskaya, IKS observer – will appreciate your answers to the questions that are of interest to you (the material should not exceed 3 thousand characters) or would like to present your opinion on development of positioning services, which you believe more actual – it may be in the form of interview or separate article (not exceeding 5 thousand characters).

Please, confirm your participation not later than 4 September 2007

Please, send your answers to iks@iks-media.ru till 17th September

Questions for the companies operative in the satellite navigation service areas, cellular operators, LBS service providers, cartographical production vendors, consumers – everyone who promotes positioning services and uses them:
  1. What problem do you consider to be the most acute problem of navigation/positioning services? Ways for its solution.
  2. What are advantages and disadvantages of two fundamental technologies underlying the positioning services: satellite navigation and cellular communications?
  3. What is the degree of preparedness of the user environment to accept positioning services? What degree is this service in demand to? What is the extent of its commercial advantage?
  4. What is your evaluation of possibility to interface satellite navigation technology with other communication technologies, in particular with cellular communications?
  5. Your opinion: what should be the access model to GLONASS signal like? The exclusive public operator or several operators on a competitive basis?
  6. Mass GLONASS-receiver. What is your vision of this consumer device: manufacturer (domestic/foreign), its price, weight and dimensions, whose hardware components?
  7. Are you satisfied with the status of cartographical basis for positioning services? Are electronic maps affordable, to what degree? Is their price acceptable?
  8. If you are the user of digital maps, please, tell what maps you use: manufacturer, vendors, geographical cover, their accuracy, advantages and disadvantages?
  9. If your company is a cartographical product vendor, please, tell, what regions are covered by your digital maps.
  10. How acute are the issues of licensing and copyright in the electronic cartographical production market?
  11. If you use GLONASS/GPS navigator, who is it manufactured by?
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