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Nokia Siemens Networks sets TD-LTE speed record

Nokia Siemens Networks has achieved world record TD-LTE throughput speeds of 1.6 Gigabits per second (Gbps). In the demonstration, the company used its commercial Flexi Multiradio 10 Base Station to receive and send data in simultaneous downlink and uplink connections, reaching an overall speed of 1.6 Gbps. At this speed, a 3 Gigabyte (GB) high definition (HD) movie would download in just 24 seconds while over 1.7 GB of data could be uploaded at the same time, all via mobile broadband. Читать далее


Beijing’s science park 2.0

Big cities in China — even medium-sized cities in China’s flyover regions — are all hot to trot promoting high-tech science parks. They all think they’ve built the next “Silicon Valley in China.” Читать далее


Mobile Ad Spend on Web Search to Reach $12bn by 2017 Driven by High-Usage Tablets

A new report from analyst firm Juniper Research forecasts that ad spend on mobile web search will reach $12 billion per annum in five years’ time, three times the ad spend this year, which will reach $4 billion. Usage of web search on mobile devices will be driven by continued adoption of high-usage tablets, with the number of these devices in-use reaching 672 million by 2017.  Читать далее


15 bidders for Thai 3G licences

15 companies have picked up application forms to take part in Thailand's forthcoming 3G auction and more could follow before the entry deadline passes, but revised contest rules mean the three biggest players in the market are likely to share the spoils. Читать далее


Bharti Airtel files for $1bn tower unit IPO

Bharti Infratel Ltd., the mobile tower unit of Bharti Airtel Ltd., is planning a $1 billion initial public offering in India by December, two people with direct knowledge of the matter said Friday, adding that the company will likely begin gauging investor interest in a premarketing process beginning Monday. Читать далее


Vodafone, O2 could launch LTE in 900MHz band

UK regulator Ofcom has said that there is nothing stopping EE’s rivals, such as Vodafone and O2, from putting in an application to alter their 900MHz spectrum licence for LTE usage. A ruling in early 2011 meant that all operators are now free to use their 2G spectrum for 3G services, so extension of that same ruling to encompass 4G would be a small amend. Читать далее


Office to propel Windows tablets past Android in 2015

Taiwan-based analyst TrendForce says Windows-based tablets will overtake Android's market share by 2015, thanks to the presence of Microsoft Office on the devices. Читать далее


What a smartphone will look like in 5 years

The iPhone 5 demonstrates the significant evolution of smartphones since Apple introduced the disruptive device in 2007. CNET's Sumi Das talks to the Institute for the Future to find out how smartphones will change our lives yet again. Читать далее


Apple snubs emerging mobile payment standard

EBay Inc Chief Executive John Donahoe often quotes a merchant saying NFC stands for "Not For Commerce" - and dismisses the prospects of Near Field Communication technology used to turn cellphones into mobile wallets. Читать далее


Acer Cancels Chinese Smartphone Launch Following Pressure from Google

Taiwan's Acer has cancelled a press conference to launch a new smartphone based on an operating system developed by China's Alibaba Group, allegedly following pressure from Google. Читать далее


WiMAX network to generate more revenue than expected

Clearwire's WiMAX network may make money for the company longer than initially expected. Clearwire CFO Hope Cochran said that the company is signing up wholesale customers for the WiMAX network, giving the WiMAX network a longer lifespan and more revenue than previously expected. Читать далее


Huawei announces major UK investment and procurement plan

The founder and CEO of Huawei has committed his company to a €1.5 billion investment and procurement plan in the UK over the next five years. Читать далее


Acer to launch smartphone using Alibaba's Aliyun mobile OS

Taiwanese personal computer maker Acer Inc. said Tuesday it will release a new smartphone in China that is powered by Aliyun, a mobile operating system developed by Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba Group Holding Ltd. that is trying to take on Google Inc.'s dominant Android platform. Читать далее


BT hails “most connected” Olympics, as video traffic smashes records

UK telco BT smashed several connectivity records during the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games, including record delivery levels of daily video traffic and internet traffic on its UK retail broadband network. Читать далее


96 operators launched commercial LTE services in 46 countries

GSA  has published an update to its Evolution to LTE report which confirms 347 telecoms operators in 104 countries are committed to commercial LTE network deployments or are engaged in trials, technology testing or studies. The report covers LTE FDD and LTE TDD technologies. Читать далее

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