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Олимпийский огонь побывает в космосе

Факел Олимпийских игр побывает в открытом космосе первый раз в истории. В начале ноября Факел Игр будет доставлен на борт МКС космическим кораблем «Союз ТМА-11М». Читать далее


Россия вошла в топ-5 по росту экспортной онлайн-торговли

По результатам исследований компании PayPal, Россия вошла в топ-5 быстрорастущих экспортных рынков для стран — крупнейших интернет-продавцов мира, сообщает "Интерфакс". Читать далее


На имущество «Уздунробиты» не нашлось желающих

Аукцион по продаже имущества ИП ООО «Уздунробита» (дочернее предприятие МТС в Узбекистане), намеченный на 1 июля, не состоялся из-за отсутствия заявок. Дата следующих торгов будет определена на очередном собрании кредиторов "Уздунробита". Читать далее


E-readers grapple with a future on the shelf

Amidst our growing love affair with the tablet, spare a thought for its increasingly shelfbound sibling: the e-reader. Читать далее


China Mobile selects NSN for TD-LTE deployment

Nokia Siemens Networks is extending its partnership with China Mobile with a new deal for the deployment of TD-LTE in three cities by the end of 2012. The deployment is part of China Mobile’s large-scale pre-commercial trial of its TD-LTE network. Читать далее


Q3 Smartphone Shipments Exceed 157m

Juniper Research estimates that the number of smartphone shipments exceeded 157 million in Q3 this year, with Samsung increasing its lead in terms of unit shipments. Читать далее


Why is 4G so expensive? Answer: The Post-Voice Era is coming

Analysis EE, the UK's largest mobile operator, makes most of its money from voice calls - but that's coming to an end with the launch of 4G tariffs that allow unlimited chitchat and text. Читать далее


Microsoft Surface: Not really a tablet or a laptop

If Microsoft's new Surface device is successful, it will create a new category, something between Apple's iPad and notebook computers made by its partners. Читать далее


Panasonic may cut mobile unit, post writedown

Panasonic Corp may shrink its mobile phone unit by withdrawing from Europe within six months, prompting a possible writedown on the business in the year ending next March 31, two sources told Reuters. Читать далее


Facebook posts $59m net loss in Q3

Social networking site Facebook has posted a $59m net loss for 3Q12, which it has attributed to high taxation. The loss was  despite revenue increasing by 32 per cent year on year from $954m to $1.26bn, as the firm stepped up its efforts in mobile advertising. Читать далее


EU charges Microsoft for not respecting browser pledge

European Union regulators have sent a formal complaint to U.S. software giant Microsoft Corp. for failing to meet an earlier promise to offer users a choice of different web browsers. Читать далее


M2M Market to Reach 400 million Units by 2017 Led by Consumer Electronics and Telematics

A new study from Juniper Research has found that the Telematics and Consumer Electronics sectors are rapidly becoming the two anchor industries for the M2M (Machine to Machine) market, challenging the position of smart metering.  The report forecasts that the market for M2M and embedded devices will reach 400 million by the end of 2017, up from a little over 110 million at present. Читать далее


Microsoft's newest weapon in China piracy fight

In 20 years in China, Microsoft Corp hasn't had much luck. It is the world's largest market for PCs and yet with piracy rates as high as 77 percent, the software company is seeing only a fraction of the revenue it could collect. Читать далее


Ease of use, lack of trust threaten to stifle mobile money

Mobile money providers need to build trust and make their services easier to use if they are to capitalise on the surging demand coming from emerging markets, warned Visa on Tuesday. Читать далее


EE announces 4G price plans

UK operator group Everything Everywhere’s LTE brand EE has announced the pricing plans for its service, which will go live October 30. The operator has chosen to base its tariffs around volume of data, rather than speed. The cheapest 4G tariff including the full price of a handset is £41 per month with a 1GB data limit on a 24-month contract. Читать далее

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