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Sterlite Technologies launches the 'Sterlite Fiber Powered Home'

13 января 2009

.. demonstrates the true potential of optical fiber- to- the- home in a real life environment.

Sterlite Technologies showcased its 'Sterlite Fiber Powered Home' at a sample apartment provided by D B Realty, at its under construction site - Orchid Woods in Goregaon (East), Mumbai.

The 'Sterlite Fiber Powered Home', is a unique bouquet of applications meeting the requirements of both enterprise and residential customers. Visitors to the 'Sterlite Fiber Powered Home' could actually experience the true potential of blazing speed broadband, supported on an optical fiber based infrastructure, through exciting and interactive applications that included Video Conferencing, Video Surveillance, Video-on-Demand, Voice Over IP, High Speed Gaming, Online File Sharing, IPTV, and several more. All these IP based applications can run over multi-screens in a customers' home or office.

"The Sterlite Fiber Powered Home is a paradigm shift towards offering a suite of high-speed multi-play applications which run in parallel over a high-speed network, with a unique network design and application portfolio created by Sterlite.
Sterlite developed this application portfolio and unique network through extensive design and development over the last 4 years. This solution would enable the user to experience real time multi-play in the comfort of his home or office in a multi-screen environment on either his PC screen or a TV screen." says Dr Anand Agarwal, CEO & Director, Sterlite Technologies Limited.

Sterlite believes that the 'Sterlite Fiber Powered Home' would give users limitless possibilities by serving the requirements of bandwidth-hungry applications and this would revolutionize the way residents of 'Sterlite Fiber Powered Homes' would work, live and play.

The demonstration and launch was in the august presence of Mr J Gopal, Executive Director, MTNL - Mumbai in a futuristic sample apartment designed by D B Realty in Goregaon, Mumbai.
Mr. Nabil Patel, Director, D B Realty among other delegates from MTNL, DB Realty and Sterlite Technologies were also present at the launch.

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