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GSA January 2009 market update shows 3G evolution steps confirmed by multiple operators for HSPA+, LTE and EDGE evolution

15 января 2009

The latest issue of the GSA GSM/3G Market Update is now available for download with the latest facts on the progress of mobile broadband network deployments globally, devices availability, global and regional mobile subscriptions, and commitments to future evolution including HSPA+, EDGE Evolution, and LTE.

This GSM/3G Market Update references results from several new surveys by GSA, with highlights including:

  • WCDMA increased its share of commercial 3G networks to over 70%
  • 254 operators have launched WCDMA in 110 countries
  • Over 93% of commercial WCDMA networks have launched HSPA
  • 237 operators have commercially launched HSPA in 105 countries
  • Over 70% of HSDPA networks support 3.6 Mbps (peak) or higher
  • Over 34 % of HSDPA networks support 7.2 Mbps (peak) or higher
  • 66 commercial HSUPA systems commercially launched in 47 countries
  • 1,095 HSPA devices launched by 148 suppliers. This is broadly equivalent to one new device announcement every day since the first HSPA mobile broadband system was launched on October 18, 2005.
  • The number of HSUPA-capable devices more than quadrupled in just over a year and has reached 153 announced products
  • Opportunities are opening for UMTS (WCDMA-HSPA) deployments in the 900 MHz band (UMTS900)
  • Seven operators have launched UMTS900 services
  • 74 UMTS-HSPA 900/2100 MHz user devices launched
  • Over 1.75 billion GSM, GPRS, EDGE, WCDMA and HSPA subscribers in commercial HSPA-enabled networks
  • New GSA survey confirms 413 EDGE network launches in 177 countries (January 2007 = 196 launched in 105 countries)
  • Over 80% of GPRS operators committed to EDGE
  • Over 62% of commercial HSPA networks also launched EDGE for service continuity and the best user experience
  • The mobile industry is consolidating around the LTE system with several leading operators committing to LTE deployment. LTE is a natural evolution for GSM/WCDMA-HSPA operators. The LTE path is also supported by the leading CDMA operators
  • The first HSPA Evolved (HSPA+) systems will shortly enter commercial service, delivering 21 Mbps peak on the downlink

The first step in EDGE Evolution (Dual Carrier) brings the promise of doubling today's EDGE speeds to 592 kbps on existing EDGE-capable networks

Источник: Mobile Europe

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