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Mobile markets in Eastern Europe register strong growth

10 июля 2009

The mobile communications markets in Eastern Europe are growing strongly from usage and revenues points of view, according to new analysis from Frost & Sullivan, which says that defining these markets as emerging may no longer be accurate as they are demonstrating high growth and looking for new opportunities.

The analysis - Mobile Communications in Eastern Europe: A View on Key Markets - assesses the market situation in Eastern Europe through the analysis of six key markets: Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Russia and Turkey.

"Eastern European markets are fully penetrated and are rapidly adopting mobile broadband solutions," notes Frost & Sullivan Industry Analyst Saverio Romeo. "The mobile phone is becoming critical for fast connectivity and innovative services, effectively substituting the lack of fixed infrastructures."

According to F & S, the main challenge to the industry currently comes from the economic recession. The lack of credit for investments and the decrease in consumption will slow down the growth experienced by Eastern European countries. Moreover, regulatory limitations can hamper future developments, it says.

The mobile industry's response to this scenario consists of two main actions, according to F &S.

"Services and processes' optimisation, in order to efficiently use existing resources and reduce the need for capital investments is critical," says Romeo. "Equally important is pursuing technological and strategic innovation through synergic cooperation between participants with different know-how with the aim to offer disruptive solutions to consumers at reasonable prices."

Cooperation between regulatory authorities and the industry to overcome the challenges of the market will be vital. Cooperation between public sector and the industry for high-intensive investments, mainly infrastructures, will enable sustained market expansion, concludes F & S.


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