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Vodafone pushing DLNA mobile hotspot

24 августа 2010

UK-based Vodafone is embracing the mobile broadband-enabled hotspot device type, with the unveiling of the R201. The unit, which is similar in concept to the Novotel Mifi, 3’s MiFi offering, and Sprint’s Overdrive, enables five wifi devices to simultaneously share digital content stored on the device (via SD card) and access the internet via a mobile broadband connection.

Vodafone already offers the Novotel Mifi, which is a similar device, but the R201 comes with embedded Digital Living Network Alliance (DLNA) software, allowing Vodafone customers to view their digital content, such as music, video and photos, across all DLNA compatible devices, including laptops, netbooks, mobile phones, gaming devices, TVs and radios.

DLNA is a standard used to enable the sharing of digital media between different consumer electronics, so a DLNA compliant TV can interoperate with a DLNA compliant PC to play music, photos or videos. Digital Rights Management (DRM) is built into the standard.

Vodafone said the device will be available in various countries during 2010. “The Vodafone R201 Mobile WiFi device enables our customers to take the WiFi connectivity experience they have at home or in the office everywhere with them, thanks to Vodafone Mobile Broadband,” said Huw Medcraft, Vodafone’s director of mobile broadband.

It’s interesting to see how operators are pushing these devices, as they have the potential to increase mobile broadband traffic on the network. But more interesting still is how they sit alongside femtocells, which are designed to take traffic off the mobile network, such as Vodafone’s own Sure Signal device.

Источник: Total Telecom

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