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Apple to Take the Smartphone Crown Within Five Years

11 октября 2012

UK based IT managers have given their opinion on the prospects for the smartphone market with a third (37%) believing Apple will eventually gain the upper hand over its rival Samsung.

In a study carried out with 500 CIOs by Virgin Media Business, the iPhone model received seven percent more of the vote than Samsung's Galaxy model. Long-time choice for business, RIM's BlackBerry, has fallen out of favour with just 10 percent believing it'll be the dominant player in the market in the next five years.

Despite not even being confirmed yet, two percent of respondents think the rumoured Facebook smartphone will go on to dominate the market. However, signs are less positive for Sony Ericsson as just one percent of respondents believe it'll be the main supplier of smartphones for business come 2017.

Tony Grace, Chief Operating Officer of Virgin Media Business, said: "There's a huge amount of choice out there for CIOs looking to purchase smartphones, even more so now the IPHONE has launched. It can be difficult to work out which model works best with your workforce. What's clear is that Apple and Samsung are way ahead of the others at the moment.

"Samsung was twice as popular as its nearest rival, HTC. Driving the popularity of these devices is superfast connectivity that's allowing staff to realise the options available to them with these items of kit. It's because of this competition and increased usage by businesses that we're seeing manufacturers become increasingly innovative with each new model. Although our survey shows CIOs are firmly backing two manufacturers now, there's no guarantee that'll always be the case. A new model might come along and change everything.

"Due to such rapid change and choice, purchasing decisions can be difficult. It's why some CIOs are looking at more creative ideas. One method gaining popularity is 'buy-your-own device' schemes. This is a cost-saving tactic which allows employees to choose their own work devices which the company will put up the cash for. One in five (16%) companies already offer this, with a further 20 percent looking to roll-out similar schemes in the future.

"If the smartphone and connected device market continues to evolve over the next five years, then businesses need to be able to adapt and be flexible with the hardware they provide. To ensure this is done safely, it's crucial to work closely with service providers and plan for the future".

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