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India launches 2G auction consultation

11 марта 2012

India's telecom regulator launched a consultation paper that aims to establish the framework for its forthcoming re-auction of 2G licences.

The Telecoms Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) is seeking comment from local players on the quantity of spectrum to auction, the liberalisation and refarming of frequencies in the 800 MHz and 900 MHz bands, and the eligibility criteria for prospective participants.

The consultation also aims to establish a reserve price, as well as rules governing rollout obligations, spectrum usage charges and spectrum trading.

"Written comments on the issues raised in the consultation paper are invited from the stakeholders by 21st March 2012 and counter-comments by 28th March 2012," said TRAI secretary Rajeev Agrawal, in a statement.

The watchdog also aims to address concerns over potential spectrum shortages that could arise should airwaves be reused in future for LTE services.

"For new technologies e.g. UMTS/LTE, 5 MHz is the minimum amount of spectrum required. Certain licensees have only 4.4 MHz spectrum in the 900 MHz band and 2.5 MHz spectrum in the 800 MHz band," said the TRAI in its consultation paper. "What are the possible options in the case of such licensees?"

The TRAI has been ordered to re-auction 2G frequencies after India's Supreme Court at the beginning of February cancelled 122 licences allocated to several operators in 2008.

The effected telcos are still permitted to operate until the order comes into force at the beginning of June; however, Indian government officials warned recently that it will be at least 400 days before the frequencies are re-auctioned.

Источник: Total Telecom

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