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Metro picocell market worth $6.9bn by 2015

14 марта 2012

The data demand put on networks by LTE and WiMAX devices is forecast to drive widespread adoption of small cell technology, claimed analyst firm In-Stat.

"While the standard method of deploying macrocells has been a very cost-efficient way for wireless operators to deploy 2G and 3G networks quickly... the macrocell solution is not ideal for 4G deployments like WiMAX and LTE," Chris Kissel, senior analyst at In-Stat, said in a statement. "The problem has to do with limited spectrum and the need for high capacity and blazing-fast data rates."

Considering data rates vary depending on a user's proximity to a cell site, In-Stat foresees a surge in the use of small cells. The research firm predicted that the global outdoor metropolitan picocell market - currently valued in the millions - will surge to $6.9 billion in 2015 as operators scramble to add capacity to their networks.

"The time has come for outdoor metropolitan picocells," the company claimed.

Indeed, Informa Telecoms & Media predicted during February's Mobile World Congress that the number of small cells in deployment worldwide will grow 20-fold to 62.4 million by 2016.

Meanwhile in the case of femtocells, In-Stat claimed that while they may not be the principal factor in acquiring new customers, they will provide additional revenue streams for operators.

"Voice and data use increase when a person owns a femtocell," said In-Stat. "If a customer has a voice plan and owns a femtocell, it can be argued that a femtocell is creating the revenue opportunity."

The company also said there is an additional opportunity for operators to provide location-based services by detecting when a subscriber has returned home. Churn rates are also anticipated to be lower for those subscribers who own a femtocell.

Источник: Total Telecom

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