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Israel Agrees to Accept USA Approval Tests for Telecoms Equipment

The USA and Israeli governments have signed a trade agreement covering the export of USA supplied telecommunications products into Israel. Читать далее


Deutsche Telekom agrees agricultural M2M deal

Deutsche Telekom has moved into the agriculture market following an M2M deal with MEDRIA  Technologies. Читать далее


NSN wins significant mobile broadband deal with Indosat

Indosat, Indonesia’s leading mobile operator, has selected Nokia Siemens Networks as its mobile broadband vendor. The company will provide GSM and 3G mobile broadband infrastructure and services to deliver mobile services in 900 Mhz in Central and East Java, Sumatra, and Kalimantan. Читать далее


Turkcell heading to US to show off mobile wallet service

Turkcell representatives will head to the U.S. this week to showcase the telco's recently-launched mobile wallet to operators and financial institutions there, with a view to establishing the company as the benchmark for m-payment services. Читать далее


Facebook VP says the company is finally focused on mobile

The social network turns its attention from desktop to mobile. At a confab in Silicon Valley, VP Vaughan Smith reassures developers and talks about what Facebook has done to make the switch. Читать далее


Indian operators to be charged for excess spectrum

India’s Empowered Group of Ministers (EGoM) has announced that it will impose a charge on operators holding what it considers to be excess amounts of radio spectrum. Читать далее


Defense chief calls cyberspace battlefront of the future

Cyberspace is the battlefield of the future, with attackers already going after banks and other financial institutions and developing the ability to strike U.S. power grids and government systems, Defense Secretary Leon Panetta said on Friday. Читать далее


Big data will drive $232 billion in IT spending through 2016

More and more, big data is driving enterprise IT spending. In fact, research firm Gartner predicts that big data will drive a whopping $232 billion in IT spending through 2016. Читать далее


Mobile revolution, economy trip up tech giants

Mobile may be the future for technology, but even with the worldwide proliferation of high-powered devices like smartphones and tablets, some companies are struggling to maintain consistent revenue streams. Читать далее


EMEA PC Market Remained Soft as Expected in 3Q12

The PC market in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa (EMEA) remained constrained, as expected, in the third quarter, with PC shipments declining by 7.7% in 3Q12 compared with the same quarter last year, according to research by International Data Corporation (IDC). Читать далее


Thai telco committee endorses 3G auction result

The telecoms committee of Thailand's National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission Thursday endorsed the result of an auction to licence the 2.1 gigahertz spectrum, used to provide third-generation mobile telephone services. Читать далее


Huawei, ZTE probe showed no evidence of spying

An 18-month investigation by the US House Intelligence Committee into Chinese networking vendors Huawei and ZTE revealed no evidence that either company has been involved in espionage, sources claim. Читать далее


UK operators create firm to speed up 800MHz LTE

The UK’s four mobile network operators have formed a company to speed up the deployment of the 800MHz frequency band vacated by the Digital Switchover. Читать далее


Global mobile penetration still only 45%

The number of mobile subscribers in the world will reach 3.2 billion this quarter, according to new research from the GSMA, designed to give a more accurate picture of global mobile penetration than previous studies. Читать далее


Comcast thinks outside the box

By shifting innovation from its set top box product into the cloud, US cable TV provider Comcast has revolutionised its offering, according to Mark Hess, senior vice president at the company. Speaking in the keynotes at Broadband World Forum on Wednesday morning, Hess said: “Years ago we were trapped in that set top box. We could never manage to get the innovation into the box.” Читать далее

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