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INQ launches 3G Social Mobiles

05 августа 2009

INQ Mobile has launched two new 3G Social Mobiles complete with internet-based Twitter and media  sync capabilities.

The new phones are claimed to offer 'high-spec functionality' without the hefty price tag, and is said to provide operators with a 3G social mobile with the speed, usability and suite of applications capable of driving data usage in the mass market.

The INQ Chat 3G is the company's first qwerty-style phone, while the compact INQ Mini 3G expands the range and provides an entry-level social mobile, claimed to be ideal for the price-sensitive prepay market.

For the two new phones, Twitter joins the suite of communications applications which include Facebook, Skype and Instant Messaging.

Working closely with the Twitter team, INQ says it has developed an authentic Twitter application for both its new Social Mobiles.  After the initial log in, Twitter will be 'always on', and users can send tweets and retweet via the internet rather than using SMS. With the INQ Chat, a specially designed Twitter widget will deliver Twitter updates straight to the home screen.

According to INQ, the Chat 3G was developed in response to consumer and operator demand for a qwerty-style keypad device. It has a new email client developed by INQ that incorporates free push Gmail - removing a cost for push mail typically borne by operators or passed on to consumers.  The INQ Chat 3G comes complete with the expanded suite of INQ applications; Facebook, Skype, email, IM and Twitter.

The INQ Mini 3G is a slimline Social Mobile that offers Twitter, Facebook, IM, Skype and web-based email services like Hotmail, Yahoo! Mail and GMail. 

Both phones have plug and play HSDPA modems enabling high-speed wireless broadband on PCs and Macs.

INQ is also introducing seamless media syncing between its devices and PCs or Macs. The software, enabled by doubleTwist, syncs music from iTunes and WMP straight to a INQ mobile and, unlike most other sync solutions, doesn't require the customer to give up using their favourite media player on their computer. The new mobiles from INQ can also sync video and photos.

INQ's platform was built from the ground up for the mobile internet and offers integration throughout the handset. Popular internet applications are not simply bolted on but embedded within the underlying software, delivering benefits such as native messaging and an address book that consolidates phone contacts with those from relevant applications.

This allows INQ to remove many of the cumbersome steps that have made using these services on ordinary mobiles frustrating or time-consuming. INQ phones multi-task, so key applications like Facebook, Skype, IM and email are 'always on' and accessible with one click from the home screen; a log-in to any application is required only once.

Frank Meehan, INQ's CEO, said: "We build phones that focus specifically on what people want to do most on mobile, and deliver it at a price point that's easy for consumers and profitable for operators. We have completely broken the vice grip hold that high end smartphones had on great mobile internet experiences, and made them available to everybody."

"With the INQ Chat 3G, we've reinvented the qwerty for consumers by creating a fantastic social mobile. With the INQ1, we were blown away by how much consumers were writing just using the standard 12 keys -  30% of them were regularly sending emails. So we know that a keypad will go down a storm."

The INQ Chat 3G and INQ Mini 3G will be available in Q4 2009.


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